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Code Block
# Activate a flavour
php server/totara/flavour/cli/activate_flavour.php --activate=example

# List all available flavours
php server/totara/flavour/cli/activate_flavour.php --list 

# Show active flavour name
php server/totara/flavour/cli/activate_flavour.php --show

# Enforce the current flavour making sure all settings are applied
php server/totara/flavour/cli/enforce_current.php

Changing flavours

If a customer adjusts their subscription to include a different set of products, you may want to change the flavour on an existing site.

Changing to a more fully featured flavour

If you switch from a more limited flavour to one with more features (for example, switching from Learn to Learn and Perform) you will need to manually enable the new features that you want to use. This can be done by navigating to Quick-access menu > Configure features then clicking on the settings link for the product you want to use. Settings that were previously displayed as locked will now be available.

Changing to a more restricted flavour

If you switch from a flavour with more features to one with fewer features (for example, switching from Learn, Perform and Engage to just Learn) some functionality that was previously enabled will now be unavailable.

If you run the command line script to set the new flavour this will happen automatically.

If you modify $CFG→forceflavour in your config.php you will need to manually enforce the flavour. Visit Quick-access menu > Configure Features > Feature overview ({site-url}/totara/flavour/view.php). You will see something like this:

A comparison of features between flavours.Image Added

The red rows indicate features that are currently enabled but are not available in this flavour.

Click Enforce current flavour and it will change to this:

Feature comparison after selecting Enforce current flavour.Image Added

When you view the features that are no longer available you'll get a message indicating that they are locked:

Viewing locked features after changing flavour.Image Added

Upgrading a pre-13 site

If you are upgrading a site from Totara Learn 12 or below to Totara 13+, we recommend that you set your flavour in your config.php file before you upgrade. This will ensure the new functionality is automatically enabled following the upgrade. See these instructions for more details.