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The Totara Mobile app uses Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) service to deliver push notifications to registered devices. FCM works with both Android and Apple devices. 


Within that project, there is an access key called 'Subscription Portal', which only has the ability to create new access keys.

When an admin clicks the Request an app code token from link, the following happens:

  1. Totara instance confirms that it is registered, and that the Server URL and App Name are defaults, and that the App Code is blank, otherwise an error is returned.
  2. Totara instance makes a request to the subscription portal at
  3. The Subscription Portal checks to see that it is correctly configured, otherwise an error is returned.
  4. The Subscription Portal uses its own access key to request the creation of a new access key in the 'totara' project, with permission to create device tokens, send push notifications, and delete device tokens.
  5. If AirNotifier approves the access key request and returns a new access key, the Subscription Portal returns that to the Totara Instance; otherwise an error is returned.
  6. If the Totara Instance receives an access key from the Subscription Portal, it is set as the AirNotifier App Code and a success message is shown to the admin.