External API service feature request template

A new external API was added in Totara 17 to provide a way to interact with Totara from third-party systems. You can see API documentation on the available services within the product, and we also provide API reference documentation for major versions.

If the API does not currently provide a service that you want to use, it is possible to extend the API - see our documentation on Developing GraphQL APIs for Totara for more details.

You can also submit a feature request via our helpdesk to request that Totara develop additional API services. To help us understand the purpose and scope of your need, please use the template below when submitting API service feature requests.

New API service feature request

Please describe the task that you want to achieve using Totara's API. Please provide as much background information as possible, e.g. the reason for the need, the external software with which you want to integrate, etc.

Please describe the Totara entities that you want to manipulate via the API, e.g. courses, users, performance activities, etc.

Please describe the actions that you need to be able to perform on those entities, e.g. get all items, get a specific user's items, search items by name, create items, update items, delete items, etc.

Please describe the specific fields within the entities that you must be able to manipulate/access, e.g. for users it might be firstname, lastname, email address, suspended flag, etc.

Do you have any other specialised needs? For example, bulk actions (changing multiple items in one go), real-time (event-based) triggers, etc.

(Optional question for developers) Are you aware of any existing AJAX services in Totara that do what you need (or close)? E.g. is this just a case of making an existing service available externally?