Git access troubleshooting

If you have issues accessing Git for Totara development, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ensure that you have provided your SSH public key to us.

  2. Ensure that your private key is loaded for use locally. The following command will list the SSH keys that are currently loaded:
    ssh-add -L

    You should see the private key that accompanies the public key you provided to us in the output. If you don't see the key then you will need to add it to your ssh-agent, and if you get an error then there is a problem with SSH on your system.

  3. Check the remote that you are using to connect to our repository. Run the following command:
    git remote -v

    You should see two lines in the output as follows:
    origin    ssh:// (fetch)
    origin    ssh:// (push)

    The URL needs to be correct (, and the user you are connecting as needs to be 'git'. It is the key you provided that enables access. If you are using a different remote, please try using the above.