Adding a column

A simple column option looks like this:

        $this->columnoptions = array(
            new rb_column_option(
                'Course Fullname',


Every column option object must include four required arguments:

  • Column type: A string which describes the type of the column - typically this might be the same as the table name, and is used to group similar sorts of columns together
  • Column value: A string describing the column more specifically - together the type and value must be unique within a source, and are used to reference the column elsewhere in the source
  • Column name: A string which describes the column - this appears in the pulldown menu when choosing columns, and is also the default column heading in the report
  • Column field definition: A snippet of SQL which describes how the database should access the column - typically this will be of the form 'base.[field name]' to access fields in the base table, or '[join name.field name]' to access fields from other tables 

Once this column option is added to the source, a new option should appear in the pulldown on the columns tab of the report settings page.

See also advanced column options.