Mobile app automated testing

Detox is used to implement end-to-end automated testing. Detox utilises apollo-server-express to implement the mock data for the API responses.

Detox setup

Below you can find the guidance you need to setup Detox. You will need to install the following:

Install Detox command-line tools

To install the Detox command-line tool you will need to ensure detox-cli  is installed globally.

Detox Installation
npm install -g detox-cli


The project should have config.detox.ts located in src/totara/lib/. This is required for the automated tests to run successfully.

config.detox.ts must contain the following content:

Detox configurations
const localConfig = {
  mobileApi: {
    persistentQuery: false
  disableConsoleYellowBox: true

export default localConfig;

Mock server

Detox automated testing starts the node server for mocking API requests. It downloads GraphQL schema from the server after app installation using the get-graphql-schema library. Here is the custom command to download and save the schema to the e2e/graphql/schema.json  file:

GraphQL Schema Setup
yarn mock:schema:setup

Start the mock server with default data using the following command:

Start Mock Server
node server

To launch the GraphQL playground, where you can play with queries, go to the URL:  

Build and run the tests

Prior to running tests with Detox, you will need to integrate the Detox server configuration with the app. 

Use the following command to make configuration changes and execute Detox tests:

Execute automate tests
yarn detox:run

This script will replace src/totara/lib/config.local.ts with src/totara/lib/config.detox.ts (before the test starts to run).  

After the Detox test has been completed, it will replace src/totara/lib/config.local.ts with the original file. 


Below you can find some common troubleshooting guidance.

Cache data

In case you run into dependency issues, you can try running the following command to clear all the cache, modules & pods then reinstall:

Clear app all cache data
yarn clear:all